Translator, a risky job ?

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Today I will give you some links to find more about a side of the translator job that you probably never thought too much about, the consequences of a translation. If this subject interest you, a book by Lawrence Venuti actually explain the common difficulties of this job quite well.

One of the most common issues about translations is actually concerning the holy books of the different religions.You can see an example of this problem here and here.

Though it isn’t the most talked about, the most dangerous field in translation would probably be the medical field, considering the obvious consequences of a bad translation.

But what’s even more interesting is the  way translations can be used in conflict. Look at this article and be amazed.

Well, that’s it for today, have a good time reading.

Joaquim Alexis.


Money, money… Translator salary ?

You wonder how much is a translator is paid ?
In this survey you will find some information about translators and interprets income in the US .       
Right there you will see the evolution of the wages along the experience in translation in enterprise.
According to freelance translators this is a good article to learn more about you can expect to earn.
If you are interested in working for the European Committee I am about to make you even more interested with this article about translators salaries in this organization !!
To finish I suggest you to look at this report which show the differences in the wages according to the region you work in Canada, so take a look at it, it’s very interesting !
                                                    By Marion

Like a ghost writer

All isn’t sunny and bright in the world of the translators, albeit their work is essential to the success of products exported in the whole world, they won’t be likely to get any credit for all their hard work.

If you want the translation to get you fame or anything else of this kind, you can pass on it. In fact, a bit like a ghost writer, you will make all the hard work for other to get fame. Just like a ghost writer you won’t have your name on the book you’ve translated or even in the credit at the end of a movie. It is a bit like you do not even exist and the book has translated itself into another language.

That seems pretty unfair, doesn’t it? Truth is, that is pretty unfair but this is how this world works, so you just have to cope with it and keep on working even if you’re the only one to care about your work.

Despite all I’ve said, the job of translator can be a fascinating one if you are interested in the foreign languages and writing. By the way if you are looking for a movie to watch you can try 

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Hello everyone !

In this article we will wonder about names in general. Why? Because a lot of names refer to foreign products, created by foreign companies, and thus they are in foreign languages. But what’s weird is that even though sometimes those names have a meaning in their language, they are not translated into ours, even though it would be easy to do so. Let’s take one of the biggest sources of foreign names in our country: the movie industry.

Every time you go to the cinema in France you can see at least one of those. You will probably think it’s an American movie so it’s normal for the title to be in English. But did you ever think that what you see could actually be a translated version of the title and not the original?

Well, it can. Not so long ago came out in France some American movies that were huge successes, like Very Bad Trip and Sex Friends. Oh, you are from the U.S and you don’t know these? Don’t worry you didn’t miss anything. You should know them under the names The Hangover and No String Attached.

You’re not dreaming. For some reasons in France we prefer to translate English titles into others English titles instead of French titles.

The most obvious reason for that, is the same as why we see a lot of different kind of products with English names (even though some of those products are actually made by French companies). It sells better. That’s why, most of the time, the companies don’t even bother changing the original name in France. And when we see the results of the work from our Canadian friends, we may consider that it isn’t such a bad idea.

Honestly, who would rather watch a movie called Film de peur than one called Scary Movie?

So, don’t think we are surrounded by English names because our translators lack imagination or are lazy, it’s just that sometimes, translating in French isn’t necessarily good.

Well then, that’s it for today, see ya later folks.

Article by Joaquim Alexis

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Translation interestl   Here is an article developing the interest of translation in many sectors

It is the final report from the European commission in which the roles of translators for the state are well-described

Translation is also a way to share our passions with more people,

This will make you see the limits of translation online and make you understand how human are important in that process

At least I suggest you to read this article which is about the importance of the translation studies.

Have a nice week ! Marion 😉

Thank you translators !


Hello everybody !
Today I was wondering myself about the role of the translator in our society… After all it’s true, we don’t know anything about them, we never see them, so we don’t have any idea of their identity and their role is not put forward so their work is rather invisible for us in our everyday life. But we are wrong not to think about their job because they are very useful for us !

For example, girls, imagine a world without our favourite series with actors coming from far countries, imagine they would disappear from our TVs just because nobody translated them in our languages !(Frenchies imagine you without that :Desperate Housewives) 
More seriously we never think about that but when we buy a new product, the more often it was made out of our frontiers and not only for people of this country. Because of the globalization, products are exported and if there is nobody to translate the instructions then how could we use them ? I doubt you would understand Chinese language…
Furthermore translators are present in every sectors, they work on all subjects to share innovations for example, to share information about law, about medicine etc.

Contrary to what we can believe, translators are not only good at translating famous books and this part of the job is not the most important at all !

I let you time to think, and if you have any other ideas concerning the situation in which translators are essential, tell us !

Have a good day 🙂


Hello world!

Welcome to translatedworld! This is our very first post. We are delighted to introduce you to the various aspects of the work of translators, how it is present in your everyday life, and why you should be grateful to them 😉

Through this blog we’d like to show you that translating is not just about speaking different languages and saying “oh yes I can speak another language so I can be translator” and that it is a real job which still requires some competencies.

We’ll begin with a brief article to describe the importance of the translation in the world and why it can be a fascinating job.                                                      Then we’ll go on and see what sort of skills you need to develop if you want to be a translator and in what kind of domain you’ll be likely to use them, through a series of posts.

We hope that you will enjoy reading our blog (and maybe find a vocation in it) and at least find it pleasing to read our different articles.

We’ll also post some articles so if you want to have a go at it and try yourself to find out if you have what it takes, please let us know.

Have a good time reading our blog!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Kris