Hello everybody !
Today I was wondering myself about the role of the translator in our society… After all it’s true, we don’t know anything about them, we never see them, so we don’t have any idea of their identity and their role is not put forward so their work is rather invisible for us in our everyday life. But we are wrong not to think about their job because they are very useful for us !

For example, girls, imagine a world without our favourite series with actors coming from far countries, imagine they would disappear from our TVs just because nobody translated them in our languages !(Frenchies imagine you without that :Desperate Housewives) 
More seriously we never think about that but when we buy a new product, the more often it was made out of our frontiers and not only for people of this country. Because of the globalization, products are exported and if there is nobody to translate the instructions then how could we use them ? I doubt you would understand Chinese language…
Furthermore translators are present in every sectors, they work on all subjects to share innovations for example, to share information about law, about medicine etc.

Contrary to what we can believe, translators are not only good at translating famous books and this part of the job is not the most important at all !

I let you time to think, and if you have any other ideas concerning the situation in which translators are essential, tell us !

Have a good day 🙂