All isn’t sunny and bright in the world of the translators, albeit their work is essential to the success of products exported in the whole world, they won’t be likely to get any credit for all their hard work.

If you want the translation to get you fame or anything else of this kind, you can pass on it. In fact, a bit like a ghost writer, you will make all the hard work for other to get fame. Just like a ghost writer you won’t have your name on the book you’ve translated or even in the credit at the end of a movie. It is a bit like you do not even exist and the book has translated itself into another language.

That seems pretty unfair, doesn’t it? Truth is, that is pretty unfair but this is how this world works, so you just have to cope with it and keep on working even if you’re the only one to care about your work.

Despite all I’ve said, the job of translator can be a fascinating one if you are interested in the foreign languages and writing. By the way if you are looking for a movie to watch you can try 

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